About firm

"Bioprograma Ltd", EAD

Bulgaria, Novi Iskyr

Sofia, Novi Iskar, Doroslavtsi

Registration date

Employees count
100 - 199


Business owner
Desislav Dionisiev


The Bioprogramme Corporation

Bioprograme Co. is the biggest producer of tea, herbs and herbal tea infusions and one of the leading producers of food supplements in Bulgaria. We value the high quality of our herbal raw materials and the strict control of all production processes as one of the most important advantages of the company. Bioprogramme works as much as possible with Bulgarian herbs raw materials because we consider the reinvestment in the Bulgarian market as an important condition for the progress of the country and a duty for all Bulgarian companies. The exotic herbal raw materials, teas and spices are purchased from foreign producers, in which case the quality and not the price is the most important aspect leading the decisions. Bioprogramme's herbs products are well known for their high quality, which is why our market share on the European market is constantly growing. The company always purchases the most up-to-date equipment in order to be compatible on the international markets, while guaranteeing affordable prices for the Bulgarian customers.

Central office

Bulgaria, Novi Iskyr

029333933 (Phone)