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Bulgaria, Perushtitsa

Employees count
50 - 99


Business owner
Atanas Tabov

“Wine Cellar Pulden” PLC Peroushtitsa has been established in 1934 as a cooperative to buy and process grapes, produce and trade of high quality wines.

In various stages of its development the main purpose of the Management and the Technology team of the Cellar has been continuous improving the quality of its production.

The Company has capacity for primary production of wine in the village of Brestnik; cellar for maturing and bottling of wines in Peroushtitsa; workshop for high quality vinegar producing in Stamboliisky.

Today we are a modern winery with high-tech equipment, specialized in production of high quality red wines from varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Mavrud. They are created with love and the traditions of generations of winemakers are weaved in them.

The production of “Wine Cellar Pulden” PLC is well received not only in our country but in other countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, UK, USA, Hong Kong and China.

Central office

Bulgaria, Perushtitsa

+359 32 63 65 13 (Phone)
+359 32 63 65 14 (Fax)


Warehouse - Изба Брестник

Bulgaria, Brestnik