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With its thirty-year experience in animal nutrition, all along Adragna Pet Food offers high quality products for dogs & cats. The company is able to assure its products high quality thanks to differents factors. First of all, Adragna chooses prime raw materials shoped at local suppliers, (as warranty of genuineness and quality). All the materials are also checked by careful analysis. Secondly, the company uses highly advanced plant, result of lasts technological innovations in dogs and cats nutrition field. At the end, Adragna \'s staff is and specialized and well motivated by real love for pets. From 2001, the company has obteined the Quality Certification according to rules UNI EN ISO 9001, and it proof its continuous attention to improvement of production and marketing of own pet food. To love own job and animals, also means to love and respect environment; for this, Adragna Pet Food, has also obtained Environment Certification according to rules UNI EN ISO 14001. Adragna is, first of all, a familiar company and it is its strong point. It allows to establish direct and clear relationship with costumers and suppliers. The company is able to satisfy needs of its costumers with flexibility and promptitude. Adragna recovering motto: “We are what we eat”, formulates high quality and checked products, adapt for dogs\' and cats\' different needs. Raw materials, full of proteins and amino acids, assure digestible of products and cure muscles , skins and bones. Fats, rich of polyunsaturated oil, warrant right fatty acid Omega 3 and Omega 6 and give bright hair, so our friends are always in shape. Wholesome raw materials assure brans and carbohydrate and warrant right physical energy depending on activity our friends carry out. At the end, but of primary importance, Dog&co and Cat&co line assures balance vitamin improve and mineral substance.

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