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Chemical Newtech S.p.a.is a company manufacturing titanium anodes coated with electrocatalytic layer based on the noble metals group, for which main fields of application are: ChlorineCaustic, Eclectrogalvanising, Copper Foil, PCB Copper plating, Metal winning, Impressed current cathodic protection, Water Chlorination, Pools chlorination, Galvanic plating.
We are ISO 9001 certified and NACE International Silver Member no. 312935. CHEMICAL NEWTECH and HISEO are both registered marks. We make coating thickness inspections by X-Ray Niton device on every produced item. Quality test as per NACE standard methods: NACE TM 0108 2008 & NACE TM 0294 2007, Politecnico of Milano Dept. of Corrosion Sciences (third party).
Chemical Newtech S.p.a. is organized to satisfy possible engineering requirements, assistance and new applications development, certain to be competitive in the international market, both with the regard to technology and commercial aspects. Our main features are quality and short delivery times; we have ready on stock a wide range of activated anodes.
Please contact us about any further clarifications; we are always at your disposal even for supplying any kind of samples.
We would be very glad to let you have the chance of testing our products and we are always available to welcome you to visit our office and our facilities.

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