About firm

Aviseal Waterproofing Technology, located in Бvila, Spain, is a privately owned company specialized in crystalline waterproofing technology. We provide our clients with a confidential source of technology and raw materials for the producing crystalline slurries and admixtures.

Avisealґs primary focus is our clients! We offer our clients technical support, marketing support and sales support together with raw material and the technical know-how to develop their own brand of high quality crystalline systems.

Aviseal support staff have worked with crystalline systems in approximately 45 countries and have been involved in projects as diverse as the Three Gorges Dam in China and the Great Man River Project in Lybia. This knowledge base attained through many years of on site projects is readily available for the support of Aviseal clients.

Existing Aviseal clients are, of course, confidential, however we take great pride in the fact that our client base does include some talented and well known companies within Europe and Asia that have utilized our technology in the construction of hydroelectric dams, water containment facilities, water purification facilities and within a very diversified range of differing waterproofing type projects.

Central office

Spain, Bristol
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