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"Lamebo", S.r.l.

Italy, Leinì

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Lamebo Company is the main Italian producer of splitting band knives.

The production of blades is used in different fields of leather: tanneries, shoe industries, leather goods and in other fields, of cutting, in the thickness, cork-factories, synthetic materials, hides, leather, foam, texil, rubber, fur, paper, velvet, woven-unwoven.Mostly, the blades can be used in:

- Tanneries: on Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi,Turner, Svit, Linta, Alpespak,CSM, Mercier splitting , local machines.

- Shoe industries: on Alberti, Albeko, Atom-Ellegi, Fortuna, Omsa, Sagitta, Svit and local splitting machines.

- Synthetic materials manufacture and cork-factories: on Fecken Kirfel and local machines.

- Fur industry: to split the fur on Capdevila, Gemata, Selbeck and local machines.

Sizes of blades differ from mm 2060 to mm 14000, with different width and thickness according to the different kinds of machines.

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