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Bulgaria, Stamboliyski

36 Al.Konstantinov str. 4210 Stamboliyski


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VER-FRU LTD has the pleasure of acquainting you with our activity. The company was established 10 years ago and ever since we have been purposefully occupied with wild-growing products, availing ourselves of the natural resources of Bulgaria. Over time, our activity became orientated to the processing, distribution and export of wild-growing mushrooms, fruit and vegetables. Mushrooms enjoy the great interest of the European consumers and therefore, in order to meet the requirements of every culinary temptation, our company processes the mushrooms and offers them whole, filleted or chopped in cubes, fresh, frozen or dried. During the recent years VER FRU added to the scope of its activities the production of dried tomatoes, using the Italian varieties “San Marzano” and “Vantia” which were especially selected for the European market. The technology of sun drying is well favoured by the connoisseurs of this product and we ensure that all quality standards are complied with in the course of their processing. Our main objective is to produce organic products which is a priority in the EU member states over the past years. We have invested in the necessary equipment in order to achieve a high standard of quality for our products which are accompanied by all certificates required for export to the EU. Most of our produce is sold on the European market, mainly in Italy. On the Bulgarian market, VER FRU has made a non-standard choice for distribution of products containing truffles made by leading Italian producers. The interest in these products is dynamically growing, as a result of which we maintain a steady stock. VER FRU LTD is a reliable partner of its contracting parties. We cooperate with long-term clients, complying with the specific requirements of each one of them. Have a look at the product section and contact us. We are correct and we will be of help to you.