About firm

"Kaseva cheshma Ltd.", OOD

Bulgaria, Ruse

blvd.Lipnik 72


Registration date

Employees count
10 - 24


Kaseva cheshma Ltd.

Manufacture of plastic.

Design and manufacture of molds for plastics.

Kaseva Fountain is a private company founded in 1989.

Its main business is the production of plastic products and special hangers for the clothing industry.

Since 1991., Parallel to the main activity began to develop production and maintenance of molds. Activity is concentrated in Ruse.

Our team managed to maintain and even increase its market share of the company, indicating that work well in a highly competitive market conditions.

We strive to be competitive with quality products and good prices. Constantly developing new products and improving already established for better marketing. We are grateful to our customers for advice Isa savmetsna good job, without which the company would not work so well.

Central office

Bulgaria, Ruse

00359 82 86 14 06 (Phone)
00359 82 86 14 05 (Fax)