Labex Trade Ltd.

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Labex brand is designed to meet the highest standards in the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations for medical devices.

Kateko Ltd., OOD

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

A Bulgarian company with long-term experience in production of natural aromatic products (essential oils, concretes and absolute). In 2011 we ...

Pharmadent Bio Ltd., OOD

Bulgaria, Sofia

Laboratories "Pharmadent" .....have been working in pharmacy and cosmetics sector since 1993 year. They are founded by pharmaceutist Rumen Tolev ...

Biopharma Laboratories, OOD

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Since 1994 the Italian cosmetic BioPharma hair products have had a successful presence on both the Italian and Bulgarian market. It is our vocation ...

Negar, Lda.

Portugal, Matosinhos

Founded in 1985, NEGAR,LDA is dedicated to the manufacture of hygiene products and cleaning. We offer a complete and diverse range of quality ...

BDC Le Jas de Provence

France, Roaix

Le Jas de Provence is a French firm located in the south of France (PROVENCE) . We manufacture all products in scented like candles, room sprays, ...

Lea 1, OOD

Bulgaria, Sofia

Casyopea was established in the summer of 2002 by Mr. Erez Rozen and Mr. Eran Igner. We set up our first store in Sofia, Bulgaria\'s capital city. ...

Idesco, S.A.

Spain, Barcelona

Having extensive experience in the cosmetic industry, IDESCO Private Label Division (Cosmetic Research and Development) creates, develops and ...

MB Papeles Especiales, S.A.

Spain, Barcelona

MB Papeles Especiales, S. A. Was created in 1990, as a producer of special papers. Our factory lies in La Pobla de Claramunt, Barcelona, Spain. Such ...

DHA Formulations

United Kingdom, Rochdale

We offer revolutionary spray tan solution formulas utilizing the latest high quality ingredients and solution technology to give you the edge of your ...

Medex Scientific, Ltd.

United Kingdom, Horsham

Medex is an award-winning specialist patch manufacturer in the area of skin patch technology. With our skills in scientific research and development, ...

F.L.M Group Invest

Romania, Bucharest

The young spirit, seriousness, professionalism, as well as flexibility in solving the problems differentiate us in business relationships we are ...

Haryali, Ltd.

United Kingdom, London

Our philosophy at Haryali London is to provide the shaving community with high value and innovative products that reflect the professionalism of the ...

Cosmedi, S.r.l.

Italy, Milano

Teotema is part of a company called Cosmedi, located in Milan Founded in 1939, which means over 70 years experience in the industry Cosmedi is an ...

The Eyelash and Nail Company

Spain, Benahavis

Our mission is to teach you the science of your chosen ART, and help continue to develop your skills to become a confident Professional Therapist in ...

Ayurveda Bansko

България, Банско

Измъчват ли ви здравословни заболявания, за които не сте открили още лек? Искате просто да съживите и подмладите тялото си? Нашият съвет към вас е да ...

ЕТ Лема, ET

България, Казанлък

ЕТ Лема произвежда розово масло, розова вода, лавандулово масло, други етерични масла, различни видове парфюмни есенции, бродирани автентични ...

Зеда, OOD

Фирма "ЗЕДА" ООД - иновация и производство на специализирана козметика

Cosmeceutical solutions and products Ltd., EOOD

България, София

Фирма Cosmeceutical solutions and products Ltd. е козметична фирма, създадена през 2009 г. в гр. София. Основна дейност на фирмата е разработване на ...

Витасин, OOD

България, Смолян

Крем “ВИТАСИН” е приготвен по стара народна рецепта на базата на естествени съставки (натурални растителни и животин­ски мазнини, билки, пчелен ...


България, София

Фирма АЗО ЕООД е създадена през 2002 г. Нашата цел е да предложим уникална изработка с много любов и мисъл на цени, подходящи за българския ...

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