Hygienic combi tank HYG B - without coil

To produce and accumulate sanitary hot ...

Combi tank KSC 1 - with one coil

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Hygienic combi tank HYG R - with one coil

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Hygienic combi tank HYG R


NES – New Energy Systems, OOD

Bulgaria , Shumen

12 Madara str.



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To produce and accumulate sanitary hot water and hot water for space-heating system. Coil-in-Tank construction- Flexible stainless-steel coil for sanitary hot water +Buffer tank powering space-heating system. Sanitary water heats up instantaneously as it flows through the large surface stainless coil. Thus water is delivered hot while still fresh and clean of depositions. Allows utilization of up to three external heat sources and an optional electric heating element. Modifications and sizes, L: 500/20, 800/33, 1000/33, 1500/49 Product Features Removable High efficiency insulation with thickness 100 mm and outer casing of PVC with RAL9006 color DHW tube of sanitary grade stainless steel, heats up instantaneously All threads are internal Inlet/Outlet arrangement - 180 angle degrees Easy installation Convenient inspection opening Heat exchanger coil enables the unit to work with different heat sources Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power 3kW; 4.5kW ; 6kW and 7.5kW.