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Мефисто алкидна боя

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Leko with silver ions

Information about product

Product number
Leko with silver ions

Paint & Coating

application devices
Roller, brush, airless spraying

consumption/ hiding
Roller: class 2 (complete coverage) - 1L/6 - 7 m2 for one coat - 14-16 m2/L

drying/ ~ 20В°C, 65% H.R.
Air-drying Dry to the touch: 15-30 min Application of the second coat: 1-2 h (after complete drying of the first coat)

Plastic packages with capacity: 2,5L, 4L, 8,5L, 15 L

White. Machine tinting.

Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

Properties : - Ecologically clean product -without a smell, contains no harmful substances, contains a biocide with active silver ions - Suitable for walls in rooms with intensive traffic and humid premises - Microporous coatings - ensures 'breathing' of the walls - High whiteness of the coatings and a good resistance to aging and yellowing - Excellent hiding power in low thickness of the dry film - Excellent resistance to wet friction and washing - class 2 in accordance with ISO 11998 - Quick drying - Good application behaviour - good running and evening of the wet coating. It doesn't splash during the application. Good layering - Good storage behaviour - it doesn't form thick sediment, it doesn't change its viscosity with time