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Acrylate paint for tinting - exterior

Information about product

Product number
Леко акрилAcrylate paint for tinting - exteriorатна боя за тониране - екстериор

Paint & Coating

Air-drying. - Dry to the touch: after 30 min; - Application of the second coat: after 2 – 4 h (after complete drying of the first coat); - Complete drying in 24 hours.

Colours from colour charts HAMELEKON, NOVA, NCS, RAL.

Polypropylene packages with volumes: 1L; 2 L; 4 L; 10 L and 15 L The use of other packages is also possible, but after a preliminary agreement with the customer.

Application instruments
Roller, brush, spraying pistol or airless spraying.


Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

Properties - Ecologically clean product; - Good application behaviour – good running and evening of the wet coating. It does not splash during application. Good layering; - Good storage behaviour – it does not form thick sediment, it does not change its viscosity over time; - Microporous coatings, ensures “breathing” of the walls; - Very good hiding power; - High weather resistance; - Good resistance to wet friction and washing – class 1 and 2 under. ISО 11998; - Low water absorption of the coatings; - Fast drying, weak smell (contains no solvents); - Excellent adhesion with the surfaces.