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ТЕРАФЛЕКС®AQUARELLE® антикорозионен грунд

Свойства: - отлична антикорозионна защита; - ...

Highly resistant paint with auto-gloss

Used for painting of ferrous metal surfaces in ...


Leko Aqua azure lacquer

Information about product

Product number
Leko Aqua azure lacquer

Paint & Coating

application devices
Roller, brush

consumption/ hiding
- When impregnating (1:1 with water) - 50-70 ml/m2 for one coating; - As top coating (non-diluted) –90-120 ml/m2 for one coating.

drying/ ~ 20В°C, 65% H.R.
- Dry in touching: 30 min; - Application of second coating: 3 - 4 h (after drying of first coating); - Complete drying – up to 24 hours.

Plastic packaging with volume 900 ml


Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

New painting and refurbishment; As a base (imregnation), intermediate and top coating; External painting for wood - joinery; garden furniture, parapets, wooden houses; fences, eaves; Properties : - Optimal protection of wood against harmful action of UV-raysAnd visible light, via optimal combination of modern light stabilisers; - Long term preservation of colours; - Long term preservation of coating elasticity which helps to protect the coatings without cracking and peeling at big temperature differences of the dimensions of details, in result of humidity deviation of wood during exploitation of the articles in open air during different seasons. - Low solvent content; - Low content of solvents - approx 2.5 %; - Good storage behaviour -it does not form tick sedimentation, does not change its viscosity in time;