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Fast-dry anticorrosion primer PF-09 normal

Information about product

Product number
Fast-dry anticorrosion primer PF-09 normal

Paint & Coating

Produced in light grey and oxide red colours.

Complete drying time; (BNS EN ISO 29117):
Min. 30 minutes 23 °С, at thickness of the dry film 35-40 μm

Application method:
Spraying pistol, brush or roller.

Metal packages with net weight: 25 kg. The use of other packages is also possible, but after a preliminary agreement with the customer.

Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

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Additional information

Adhesive and filling anticorrosion primer for new and for repair of old steel surfaces that are not constantly subjected to effects destructive to the coating (organic solvents, aggressive environments etc.), for painting of facilities used indoors and outdoors. Properties : - Fast drying; - Good anticorrosion properties of the coatings; - Good compatibility with other lacquer and paint coatings;