Леко грунд за стени

За импрегниране на: варо-пясъчни мазилки, бетон, ...

Leko enamel for non-ferrous metals with effect

Decorative - protective coating with nacreous ...

Road marking paint Traffic

Designed for marking of roads and highways ...


Water stain violin

Information about product

Product number
Water stain violin

Paint & Coating

application devices
Brush, spraying pistol, swab or sponge.

consumption/ hiding
As per application method.

drying/ ~ 20В°C, 65% H.R.
On Air : from 2 up to 4 hours

Plastic packaging in net weight 500 ml.

Stains have been produced as per company colour charts, but special colours could be also made as per customers request. Lighter colours could be obtained with dilution by Product V

Apply without dilution

Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

New painting; industrial and household; Internal painting for wood - for colouring before varnishing with hiding, stratifying lacquers. Properties : - Could be applied on all kinds of wood; - Infiltrates deep in wood and does not form a film, which cracks or flakes during exploitation of articles; - Excellent impregnating qualities, excellent product to ensure the cohesion of the upper thick layer coatings; - Keeps texture of the wood; - Does not contain biocides; - Gives more even colouring in comparison to stains with solvents; - Long lasting colour - Week oodour - Quick drying - Possibility for application by different methods –spraying, dipping, brushing, sponge, swab; - Easy and quick polishing - It is possible to apply water soluble or solvent based primers and lacquers (do not apply on adhesives and lacquers with acid hardeners); Good storage behaviour - no thick sediment, does not change its viscosity in time.