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НАНОГРУНД® дълбокопроникващ грунд с нано частици

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Road marking paint Traffic

Information about product

Product number
Road marking paint Traffic

Paint & Coating

Application method
Road marking equipment, brush, roller

Theoretical consumption
400-500 g/m2 at thickness of the dry film about 200 µm

Drying time after application
At application thickness of the dry coating of 200 - 250 µm, depending on the environmental temperature it dries in 85 – 90 min

Rub resistance of the film with sand at thickness of the dry film 60 µm: (BNS 14120-77)
0,70 kg/µm (at min 0,08 kg/µm in accordance with BNS 14120-77)

Thinner BAT

Produced in white and yellow colours

Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

Designed for marking of roads and highways working under normal traffic conditions, airplane racks, parking areas, kindergarten open areas and sports areas with sphalt andconcrete pavement. The Spanish laboratory AETEC has been issued DURABILY CERTIFICATE level P7 - 4 millions troll-over, TYPE II - Retroreflective under dry and wet conditions. Properties - Excellent working properties, ensuring very good conditions for traffic safety - High wear resistance - Good elasticity - High cohesion coefficient - Resistance to gasoline and water