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Acrylate paint City

Information about product

Product number
Acrylate paint City

Paint & Coating

Application method
Road marking equipment, brush, roller

Theoretical consumption
450-550 g/m2 at thickness of the dry film about 250 µm

Drying time after application
At application thickness of the dry coating of 220 - 280 µm, depending on the environmental temperature it dries in 75 – 80 min

Rub resistance of the film with sand at thickness of the dry film 60 µm: (BNS 14120-77)
0,82 kg/µm (at min 0,08 kg/µm in accordance with BNS 14120-77)

Thinner BAT 4 - 8%

Produced in white and yellow colours

Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

It's designated for the central town part with a high traffic. Because of the high speed of the automobiles in these parts it's accented over the wear stability and the long-lasting whiteness. The Spanish laboratory AETEC has been issued Durabily certificate level P7 - 4 millions troll-over, TYPE II - Retroreflective under dry and wet conditions. Properties - Excellent working properties, ensuring very good conditions for traffic safety - High wear resistance - Good elasticity - High cohesion coefficient - Resistance to gasoline and water