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"Online Group Marketing Ltd.", OOD

Bulgaria, Ruse

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Spoken languages
Bulgarian; English

Business owner
Ivaylo Kostov


Online Group Marketing Ltd. is a company that aims to help providing access for manufacturers from Bulgaria and abroad to local or international online platforms and marketplaces as it already has established channels and networks for sales and communication. Cooperation with us costs nothing to our partners - the selection of appropriate platforms, preparation of documentation, creation and maintenance of ads, communication with customers, organization and payment of product delivery costs - all this is our concern.

The partnership with Online Group Marketing Ltd. provides access to the international market for manufacturing companies without depriving them of resources (time, human, investment). Our partners can focus on the production process, and the search and service of their customers is our highest priority.

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible partner to expand your market share and increase your sales - do not hesitate to contact our team!