What is Produway.com?

Portal uniting in one place:

Manufacturers operating in Europe

Traders offering products manufactured in Europe

Organizations related to European industry

End users from all over the world

  • Platform which clearly distringuish Manufacturers from Traders offering a product;
  • Platform aiming to promote Products produced in Europe;
  • Platform which helps manufacturers to secure raw materials and organize deliveries using the functionality „Buying requests“;
  • Platform which allows users to make an informed choice when searching for products and raw materials;
  • United European Online Platform (пan area without internal frontiers in which goods and capital can move freely);
  • interactive form of Internet economy (doing business through markets whose infrastructure is based on the Internet).

What opportunities does Produway.com offer?

  • Registration of a company profile (Corporate Branding)
  • Publishing of Products (E-Commerce)
  • Publishing of Buying requests (Purchasing)
  • Communication with partners and potential customers in real time (Account Management)
  • Promotion of the company and its products (Online Marketing)
  • Indicative market research (Market Research)
  • It enables companies and consumers to evaluate the registered Manufacturers and Traders (Online Ranking)

And always new opportunities through the addition of new functionalities tailored to the needs of the customers using the platform.

How Produway.com works?

  • Allows registered companies to organize and run marketing campaigns aimed at businesses (B2B Marketing)
  • allows registered companies to organize and run marketing campaigns aimed at end users (B2C Marketing)
  • Allows registered companies to build business relationships with other registered companies(B2B Sales)
  • ПAllows registered companies to sell their products directly to registered and unregistered end customers (B2C Sales)


How to use Produway.com efficiently?

Create a company profile with information in different languages
Registration and maintenance of information on all products manufactured by the company (in different languages)
Publication of a detailed description of the characteristics and competitive advantages of each registered product
Registering Buying Requests (Purchasing)
Daily check of communications in the company's profile

What distinguishes Produway.com?

1. United European online market.

2. Designed to assist SMEs in Europe to reach new potential customers from all over the world.

3. Unites manufacturers from Europe and retailers offering goods manufactured in Europe while clearly distinguishing them from one another.

4. Enables potential investors, by providing them comparative analysis, to choose country in Europe in which to start or expand their business.


Why id Produway.com created?

  • To support European industries;
  • To assist manufacturers from Europe to reach new markets around the world;
  • За да улесни достъпа на европейските производители до качествени суровини от Европа;
  • To facilitate access for European manufacturers to high-quality raw materials from Europe;
  • To help the end users to distinguish the Manufacturer from Traders offering a product;
  • Because the tendency is for steady growth of online commerce and Europe must keep pace.