About firm

"SD IESTO engineering Valchev and Co."

Bulgaria, Sofia

Sq. Gorna Banya Str. 744 № 12

Registration date

Employees count
500 - 999

Business owner
Nikolay Valchev

SD IESTO - Engineering is a company established in 1992. We have our own factory, machinery, specialists and everything necessary for approval of the acquired products and create new ones.
The company specializes in two directions.
Production of mechanics for "systems access control";
Production of electromechanical devices.
Mechanics produced by SD "IESTO-engineering" is installed in over 700 sites in Bulgaria working with more than 1500 input-output devices (turnstiles) in combination with emergency doors and partitions. Our nomenclature covers everything related to access control. Electro-mechanical contact elements, we create and sell, with design and mechanics syzdadeni by our specialists and are standardized and past tests.

Central office

Bulgaria, Sofia
Sq. Gorna Banya Str. 744 № 12

02/957 65 19 (Phone)
0888 651 849 (Mobile)
0888 650 436 (Mobile)

SD IESTO - ENGINEERING Valchev & Co is a company established in 1992. We have a factory, machinery, experts and everything you need to produce a wide range of products in the field of mechanics of access control and contact elements. Our products are designed to be a very high wear resistance and long life.We produce: two-way turnstiles, emergency doors, one-way and two-way doors, doors with electric lock, high, four-door, four-door for small shops, stands for readers , partitions, triple vrtikalen tourniquet system for access control cards, apparatus of Figs collection of maps, watched over telltale panic buton.Predlagame our customers a complete solution in the form of inputs for access control, both for enterprises and ucherezhdeniya and the trade (consulting, design, manufacture, supply, installation).