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Axenda Translations

language specialist, linguist, translation, CAT translation, legalization, editing, proofreading, localization, subtitling, prepress

Axenda Translations is a new generation translation agency focused on using new technologies in translation and improving customer service.

We strive to offer a full range of translation services to meet the long-term business development needs in a highly competitive intercultural environment.

We translate from/to 38+ languages ​​with the help of over 100 linguists and language specialists. We also offer CAT translation, certification and legalization, editing, proofreading, localization, subtitling, prepress, copywriting and other related language and linguistic services.
We work with professionals in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, economics, law and technology to ensure terminological compliance and adequacy of translation, and for the processing of specific file types we turn to graphic designers with experience in prepress.

Our mission is to provide a better, faster and cheaper service without compromise on quality by helping our partners and customers reach new potential markets, sell more and build a good reputation in a foreign language environment.


Прeвод на медицински документи за лечение в Германия

Превод на документи от български на немски и английски и асистиране за заявка към клиника Хайделберг.



Превод от/на 38+ езика

Преводаческа агенция Axenda Translations извършва професионални преводачески услуги от/на всякакви езици, включително от/на български език на/от: - английски; - испански; - италиански; - ...



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Bulgaria, Sofia

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+359876188249 (Mobile)

Working hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EET/ UTC +2) Saturday - Sunday non-working days