Perun Food, OOD

Bulgaria, Varna

Natural products from spelt More vitamins! More minerals! Better taste.....

Lovmeat and fish LTD, EOOD

Bulgaria, General Toshevo

Sterilized meat and meat and vegetable cans of Lovmeat and fish Ltd. are the Bulgarian market since 1995. Our modern production facility was built ...

Pobeda, AD

Bulgaria, Burgas

Pobeda JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of biscuits, mini cakes and pralines in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1929. The ...

Bioprograma Ltd, EAD

Bulgaria, Novi Iskyr

The Bioprogramme Corporation Bioprograme Co. is the biggest producer of tea, herbs and herbal tea infusions and one of the leading producers of ...


Bulgaria, Sofia

ASPASIA – 92 LTD is a Bulgarian company, specialized in producing and carrying on a trade in soft drinks. The first production of the drinks is in ...

Vinprom Rousse, EAD

Bulgaria, Ruse

Vinprom Rousse is a modern winery, located in the northern vine and winery region, on the bank of the Danube. The winery was established in 1948 as ...


Bulgaria, Stara Zagora

ATE PLAST OOD is one of the leading polymer films and packaging producesr in Bulgaria. We are specialized in industrial packaging solutions from ...

Krastevi - N, OOD

Bulgaria, Lyaskovets

"Krastevi - N" Ltd. is a small, constantly developing company for confectionery,founded in 1995. The production of confectionery became a major ...

Silva Traykova, ET

Bulgaria, Sofia

Production of fresh frozen italian pasta and specialities such as Raviolli, Tortellini, Lasagne, Tagliatelle and others.


Bulgaria, Perushtitsa

“Wine Cellar Pulden” PLC Peroushtitsa has been established in 1934 as a cooperative to buy and process grapes, produce and trade of high quality ...


Bulgaria, Sofia

Manufacturer of long shelf life croissants and strudels, fresh and frozen par-baked bread, fresh and frozen pastry and snacks.

Dekom-T, OOD

Bulgaria, Varna

Dekom-T Ltd is establish in 1991 in Varna with 100 % private shares. The company produces a wide variety of cherries and sour cherries - cocktail ...

FEL Fleischereinkauf Leipzig, e.G.

Germany, Dresden

The Butcher\'s shopping Leipzig eG was founded in 1888 by Leipzig butchers and has since survived the turmoil of history until today. In 1996, the ...

Pellsnack Products, GmbH

Germany, Köln

Pellsnack-Products GmbH is a subisidiary of Intersnack Knabbergebäck GmbH, the number One in the salted snack segement at the German and many ...

Tripas de Murcia, S.L.

United Kingdom, Lincolnshire

Tripas de Murcia is one of the most expertise companies on the international market. Located in the southeast of spain, we\'ve been elaborating and ...

Go Fruselva

Spain, Tarragona

In Go Fruselva we have the most advanced food technology which allows us to offer the highest quality. We have: A logistics platform of over ...

Nutravant Engineering Food

Germany, Freystadt

NUTRAVANT is a specialized contract manufacturer of food bars as: protein bars, energy bars, bakery style bars, low carb bars, sports bars and others ...

Pretolani & lepri di Pretolani Renzo & C.snc

Italy, Tuscany

We are a manufacturing company that produces and supplies long-life confectionery (4 -6 months without additive or 12 months ading additives only on ...

Cocogreen (UK), Ltd.

United Kingdom, Manchester

As a leading Manufacturer, Distributor and Wholesaler of Coir Coco Peat Products, Cocogreen offer a wide range of options available in 3 sectors: ...

Labridis bros

Greece, Sevastiana

Labridis Bros S.A. combines excellent, high technology equipment and facilities, with the specialized and perfectly trained personnel, constitutes ...

Raucci Vini

Italy, Cardito

Raucci Vini Co. is an italian company established in 1870 and settled in the south of Italy, a region where food and beverage tradition is well known ...

Pepani Italy

Italy, Fiumicino

Iran is the world’s greatest producer and exporter of Saffron. The country produces 93.7% of the world’s production of which 82% is exported. Due ...

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