Bulgaria climbed to fourth place in Europe in production of bicycles

More than 100 million bicycles and 50 million vehicles are produced per year in the world. Currently in the world there are more than 1 billion bicycles and more than 0.5 billion cars.

Europe relies increasingly on cycling. Among the main reasons for this are - favorable impact on the people’s health, traffic relieve in densely populated cities and the lack of pollution in the environment in cycling. According to the ranking of the top 20 cities with the most favorable environment for cycling, 17 of the placed cities are in Europe, two in North America and one in Argentina. Similar results appear in the ranking for the top 10 countries with most bicycles per capita, which shows that only China and Japan are countries outside Europe. Champion in this ranking is the Netherlands, where 99.1% of the population of the state are cyclists. In the country 27% of all trips are made by bicycle and 25% of people go to work by bicycle. The average distance that is traveled by person per day in the Netherlands is 2.5 km. For comparison - in the United States 32.2 % of the population (100 million people) are cyclists, but only 0.9% of trips in the country are traveled by bicycle and the average distance that is traveled by person per day is only 0.1 km.

All these data come to show the scale and competitive environment in which bicycle manufacturers in Europe operate. The top three positions in the ranking are occupied by Germany, Italy and Poland. Right behind them in the standing in 2016 rose Bulgaria ahead of France. In 2012 in Bulgaria were produced 836 000 bicycles. In 2014 their number has increased to over 950 000. The companies in the bicycling industry in the country are hoping current trend to continue in 2016 in order to pass the psychological barrier of one million bicycles produced.

As of today, the largest annual consumption of bicycles is in France where over three million bicycles are sold per year, followed by the Netherlands and Germany with approximately 2.3 million bicycles. In Bulgaria although the dynamical growth of the industry only 80,000 bicycles are  sold annually.


The reason the interest in bicycles produced in Bulgaria to increase in recent years can be found in several key factors - Bulgarian producers managed to cover four mandatory EU quality standard, have a good design of the bicycles produced, achieve high quality on a competitive price and maintain very good delivery times of their products.

The growing interest in cycling in recent years led to the development and implementation of many innovations in these products. To date there are already bikes with electronic support of the movement, as well as devices emitting Internet. Some of the bikes are connected in real time with programs that analyze data generated by movement. These and many other innovations have been made, but surely, however, that the most interesting is yet to come.