Dutch Heineken is expanding its operations in Europe

In October 2015 Heineken has announced the completion of the transaction to acquire the majority stake of Pivovarna Laško d.d. (Slovenia). The total amount of the investment is considered of EUR 119.5 millions. Against this amount the company acquired 4,673,941 shares from a consortium of shareholders representing 53.43 percent of the issued share capital of Pivovarna Laško d.d.

At the beginning of 2016 the Dutch concern offered the minority shareholders to redeem their shares at the price of 25.56 euros per share. Price equal to the price they purchased their shares at the end of 2015. The proposal was valid until 01.15.2016 year. After successful completion of negotiations Heineken acquired almost 97% of the Laško brewery. After the new investment total purchase value will reach EUR 224 millions. Additionally Heineken has to cover the accumulated liabilities of Slovenian brewery. Including this cost the total value of the investment may exceed EUR 400 millions.The debts of Slovenian company forced them to sale.

The Dutch brewer has already got presence in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. With this step Heineken is increasing their presence in the region.