Overview of furniture industry in Bulgaria

In the recent years there is one industry in Bulgaria which is recording growth despite the economic crisis - the furniture industry. According to the last official data it employs more than 20,000 people working in 2,100 companies spread across he country. The number of enterprises in Bulgaria, which are officially registered in the Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry is above 320. For the period January - November 2015 the sector has growth of 2.5% compared to 2014.

The industry currently produces goods mainly for export. In 2013 much of the industry produced products were exported mainly to the East. According to research - in recent years - 2014 - 2015 over 70% of manufactured products are exported to countries in Europe. Among the main markets are countries like Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic and UK. Other markets to which furniture manufacturers direct goods from Bulgaria are the Arab world and the former Soviet republics.

One of the difficulties faced by furniture manufacturing companies during the years was a shortage of raw materials, even in regions like Troyan, which is one of the main industries. Companies in the sector are hoping that after a moratorium on the export of timber the situation will be improved and will continue to safely develop the sector and to export its products to new markets.

Statistics for 2012 show that the turnover of the Bulgarian furniture industry has been approximately 650 million BGN. In 2014 the sector generated 910 million BGN annual turnover at 8.7% growth in the turnover of the companies compared to 2013. Experts expect that in the planned growth for 2015 of 10% + annual turnover of the enterprises in the sector to surpass 1 billion BGN. Official figures will be known after the annual financial closure data of the business in the sector is released and processed. With the development of the sector more companies invest in the purchase of new equipment, training staff, improving the design of the products and introduce new technologies.

In 2015 a Swedish furniture company has contracted with another 5 Bulgarian companies for the manufacture and export of furniture. This is expected to further affect the results of the sector. On the other hand the signed contracts prove that furniture manufacturers in Bulgaria produce high quality furniture furniture worldwide.