Four European companies in Fortune’s list of the 10 largest employers in the world

For the first time Fortune has come up with a list of the largest employers in the world based on last year’s reports. This includes figures from public information, annual reports and fiscal year-end figures from FactSet Research systems. It is also based on data about full-time and part-time employees where a part-time employee was counted as 0.5 of their full-time equivalent. The companies representing the 10 world’s biggest employers are the United States, China and Taiwan and among those based in Europe are the United Kingdom (with two companies in the list), Denmark and Germany. They operate in industries which are highly labor consuming and thus requiring more human resources than those in other global giant companies in other sectors. Such industries are banking, retail, energy and business services. Apart from the information related to the employment force, Fortune has also included additional data about efficiency, measured by revenue per employee which is based on financial figures from 2013. Among the 10 world’s largest employers there are six companies with revenues above $ 100 billion. The United Kingdom is represented in the list with G4S and Compass group with 1 125 000 employees in total. G4S is a leading security services provider and the largest publicity traded employer in Europe with 618 000 employees and presence in 125 countries in the world. Here are some additional figures – market value of $6.3 billion, sales in the amount of $11.6 billion and revenue per employee of $18 800. The other company representing the UK in Fortune’s list is Compass group with almost 506 700 employees and demonstrating workforce growth with 30% since 2011. It is the largest food service company in the world, operating in 50 countries with biggest presence in North America where 40% of their workforce is based. Their sales are in the amount of $27.4 billion, market value of $27.0 billion and revenue per employee of $54 000. Another giant from the list of the 10 largest employers comes from Europe, this time from Germany. Volkswagen has 572 800 employees worldwide who are based in factories in 19 European countries and also eight other countries in Asia, North and South America and Africa. Volkswagen holds the largest number of employees among their direct competitors; however figures show that they are not the most efficient ones with $456 600 revenue per employee falling behind Toyota and General Motors. The company realized sales of $261.5 billion and holds market value of $101.3 billion. And the last European representative in the list is Denmark’s ISS A/S with 464 183 employees and offering a wide range of services including catering, facilities and property management and cleaning. The company has been public since 2014 and is known to have the biggest public initial offering in Denmark for the last 20 years. The other figures show that ISS A/S has realized sales of $14.0 billion and $30 100 revenue per employee and has market value in the amount of $5.1 billion.