Li-Fi – the new technical revolution

A new cutting-edge technology is promising to change the way we perceive Internet connectivity. Today we witness a massive increase in the needs of access to the Internet all over the world and it is estimated that those needs soon will not be met by the current resources. The current and future growth of wireless data traffic would mean that the radio frequency spectrum would not be able to provide sufficient resources by 2025. This was announced by Prof. Harawd Haas, Chair of Mobile Communications, The University of Edinburgh.

An official publication by the University says that an alternative resource for wireless systems could be found in the visible light spectrum which is 1000 times larger the entire 300 GHz of radio, micro wave and mm wave radio spectrum. This finding can work towards securing the needs for internet coverage by assuring an almost full energy independence.

In a TED presentation in November, 2015 Prof. Haas demonstrates the new Li-Fi technology which provides network connectivity by using LED light and has the potential to substitute the well-known Wi-Fi wireless connection. The new technology has captured the interest of different media including BBC, Computerworld and WIRED Magazine and has been listed as one of the finalists for the Scottish Business Awards. According to Prof. Haas the new technology may penetrate the market in 3-4 years and become the key to opening new doors for the digital development.