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Leko AQUA acrylate paint satin

Information about product

Product number
Leko AQUA acrylate paint satin

Paint & Coating

Application instruments
Roller, brush.

Hiding power: (BNS EN 13300)
12-13 m2/L for one coat 6,0-7,0 m2/L for complete coverage

White and in colours from catalogue.

Drying: (23°С, 65% H.R.)
Air-drying. - Dry to the touch: 30 min; - Application of the second coat: 3-4 h (after complete drying of the first coat); - Complete drying – within 24 hours.

Plastic packages with net weight 700ml.


Orgachim, AD

Bulgaria , Ruse

21 Treti Mart Blvd



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Additional information

New painting and renovation; Interior and exterior painting of wood (walls of wooden houses – walls, covering boards on corners and on connections of boards and panels, railings, eaves; bee hives, joinery – doors, windows etc.); Exterior and interior painting of primed metal surfaces; Exterior and interior painting of concrete, stone surfaces, fibrocement boards;Suitable for painting of rooms in the food industry. Properties : - Very high weather resistance –lasting perseveration of colour, gloss and elasticity at great differences in temperature; - Excellent adhesion with the base when dry and after wetting, especially with alkyd coatings – especially suitable for repainting of old alkyd coatings; - Very good resistance against sticking of the painted surfaces under pressure and when heated – especially suitable for joinery for use in hot weather; - High elasticity of the coatings, including at low temperatures; - Low solvent content – VOC~30-40 g/L; - Good application behaviour – good flowing ability and levelling of the wet coating. Good layering. - Good storage behaviour – does not for thick sediment, does not change its viscosity over time; - Weak smell.