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Leko with silver ions Orgachim
Properties : - Ecologically clean product -without a smell, contains no harmful substances, contains a ...
Wall hanging water heaters for bathroom installation. NES – New Energy Systems
Available volumes 80, 100, 120 liters. Product Features CFC-free hard PU foam insulation with ...
ТЕРАФЛЕКС® препарат за отстраняване на стара боя Марисан и Колев
Свойства: - съвместим с лаково-бояджийски материали на алкидна и нитроцелулозна основа; - съвместим с ...


Brewing industry in Bulgaria notes with growth its 135 anniversary of its founding Bulgaria is positioned in the golden middle in beer consumption in Europe by 73 liters per person
Winemaking regions and cellars in Bulgaria Wine production in Bulgaria has a long tradition. xperts divide the country into 5 major winemaking regions: North Bulgarian, East Bulgarian, Sub-Balkan, South Bulgarian and Southwest Bulgarian.
Bulgaria climbed to fourth place in Europe in production of bicycles If the growth trend of the past five years continues, in 2016 in Bulgaria should be produced over one million bicycles.